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So much happens on HASA, it can be hard to keep track. If you are gone even a few days, you'll fall behind on comments, story updates and member birthdays. With the new event calendar, you can look up events by type and date range.

Search tips:

  • The default is the current day's events
  • Search for a few specific days if you just want a quick idea of what's been happening while you've been away.
  • If you want to see more than a week's worth of information, view by type as well as date. Searching all types at once will give you many records which may be slow to load and difficult to read.
  • Make sure your Start date is earlier that your End date.
  • Search for birthdays by month or by year.
  • Search for Challenges, playlist updates and new review releases by month.
  • Search for forum updates by week by week.
  • Story updates and comments happen all the time - look for them day by day or week by week.
  • If you don't get any search results, check your date range.