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Thank you, Chris!

Release Date: 26 Aug 08
Category: General Announcement

Member Chris submits donation that pays for Qtr. 3 hosting.

HASA member Chris submits the donation that put HASA over the top for Qtr. 3 bills. Thank you, Chris!

We had a small surge of donations in the last week. Here is the funding report as of 5:30 PM, US West Coast time, August 26th:

Member Donation: $120.00
Matching Funds: $120.00
Payment Fees: -$6.41
Running Challenge Total: $233.59

Starting Amount: $96.89
Donations: $233.59
August Hosting: -$150.00
Balance: $180.48

The September hosting bill is covered. Remember, the fund raising drive goes through September 30th. Every dollar you donate will be matched by HASA's secret admirer. Make your donation go twice as far and help HASA get a jump on Qtr. 4 hosting costs.


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