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A few donations August site hosting needed

Release Date: 22 Jul 09
Category: General Announcement

HASA is an ad-free, fee-free Web site, run for the enjoyment of quality JRRT fanfiction. Our monthly hosting costs are $150 US. We had enough donations for July that we got a great start on August. We have $ 117.00, we're close.

Thanks again for all the generous donations to date. Donations pay for the dedicated server HASA needs to provide the features and fun visitors love - stories, comments, forums, alerts, challenges and more. We need only four $5 donations, because HASA's generous secret admirer is continuing to match donations; every dollar you donate will be matched.

HASA has many visitors every day: as I write this we have 224 online visitors, which is a great number. If only a fraction of that number who have not donated yet can donate $5 each, we will be funded for next month. You can also show your support for HASA in other ways: why not write a comment or review a story, even if you cannot donate. But above all, enjoy the site!

Thanks for enjoying HASA,


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