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How To: Save Your Bookmarks

Release Date: 15 Nov 09
Category: Helpful Hints

How to save your bookmarks to your bookshelf. HASA members need to move their cookie-based bookmarks to the database ahead of the December code refresh.

On or around Monday, December 21, HASA will go offline for one week for much needed code updates and database optimization. When HASA comes back online, it will have completely revised code, more database security, better navigation, and a handful of new features. Some existing functionality and pages will not be brought over.

The biggest feature that will be discarded is the cookie-based bookmarks. The code has become unsustainable. It is breaking under a number of browsers and causing strange errors on the server. For members, there will be an enhanced "Favorite Stories" function allowing you to save a story to a favorites list with a single click and have that Favorites list available on any page in the site, exactly like the current Bookmarks. Since the list is stored in the database, it is available at all times, no matter where you are.

What members have to do between now and December 21 is save your bookmarks to your bookshelf. This will ensure that when the site comes back online, all your favorites are still available.

Where are your bookmarks? Your bookmarks are located under the big "Bookmarks" button in the main navigation bar:
Bookmarks menu

To save this image to your bookshelf, click the "My Stuff" in the main navigation bar and select "Bookshelf" from the drop-down menu:
My Stuff menu showing Bookshelf link

Once you reach the main Bookshelf page, look in the left hand side menu for the "Bookmarks" link. (Remember, you are moving your boomarks to your bookshelf.) Click on that link.
Bookshelf sidebar menu

On the Bookmarks page, you will see a list of your bookmarked stories. Each one has a button "Add to Bookshelf". Click the button for each one you want to save to the bookshelf.
List of bookmarked stories

WARNING - There is no clear indicator that anything has happened after you click the button, except for a small, green confirmation message that appears just above the bookmarks table. Look for that message after each click.
Confirmation message that story has been saved to favorites list

You should also take a little time to weed out your bookmarks and delete stories you are no longer reading.

After you have transferred your bookmarks, click the "Bookshelf" link in the left-hand side menu to view your newly updated bookshelf.
Bookshelf sidebar menu highlighting Bookshelf link

You should now see an alphabetical list of your favorite stories.
Updated bookshelf

Would you like to put the stories in a different order, perhaps putting those you are reading right now at the top of the list? Scroll down the Bookshelf page to favorites Set Order form. Use the number drop downs to put an order on your list and click "Update Order".
Form for setting a new order on the favorites list

And your list is reordered! This order will be recognized by the new Favorites system.
A finished favorites list.

Please transfer your bookmarks as soon as you can. Once the site goes offline, there is no way to retrieve your list. Your bookmark cookie will not work and your list will be lost.

If you are not a HASA member, you have three options:

  1. Join HASA! It's easy, it's free, and you get all the toys. We do not share our member information with anyone.
  2. Manually bookmark your list on your browser. Most browsers allow you to export your bookmarks so you can import them to other browsers. This may or may not work if you are using a handheld device.
  3. Use AddThis (http://www.addthis.com/) to bookmark your stories. This is the tool HASA will use after the code refresh. It has addons for IE and Firefox, and allows you to save to just about any social networking or linking site, like Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, etc, as well as add a local bookmark, send a URL, print a page, etc.

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