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Release Date: 08 Dec 09
Category: Site Updates

Before the site code refresh, be sure to log in and do an update on your user profile.

Between now and December 22nd, be sure to log in to HASA and update your user profile.

Some profile code will change slightly with the update, so now is a good time to get your information in order. What's changing?

  • All memberships are being consolidated into a single type - Member. No more Readers Club and Writers Workshop. There's just members. Save HASA some database work and upgrade your membership now. It just takes one click in your My Stuff/Profile area.
  • All members get an author profile. No, you don't have to write anything (though it would be great if you did!), but just in case, we're removing the extra step of having to create your own author record.
  • No more IM info. That field is very rarely used, and most users like to control exactly who gets their IM info.
  • Multiple URLs. However, with the proliferation of blogs and LJs and story sites and you name it, all members will be able to add as many URLs to their own web places as they like.

In general, the forms are getting much simpler and the Profile page will be easier to use. To help us update, please:

  • Upgrade to Writers Workshop
  • Double and triple check your email address
  • Add a member bio (If you can't think of what to write, just say which Tolkien book you read first and how old you were when you read it.)
  • Review your decisions for allowing other members to email you (the general public can't and your email address is never displayed); if you want to be on the birthday list (your year of birth is never shown, just the day and month), and so forth.
  • Add an Author profile

And, heck, since you're already logged in, why not read a story and leave a comment for an author or add a new story of your own? There's some birthday celebrants who would love to get a little drabble present in their HASA stocking...


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