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Release Date: 18 Jan 10
Category: Challenges

Find out how Challenges are changing.

On the old version of HASA, there was not always a lot of reward for putting effort into a challenge. You might write a great story, but there wouldn't be four other stories in the challenge, which was the minimum amount necessary to have the challenge close and maybe get shown to the wider reading public. Some challenges never got shown to the public at all.

This has changed. All challenge stories, Nuzgûl and Oliphaunts as well as open and closed Challenges, are fully viewable by the public from start to end. Readers can watch a challenge unfold before their eyes! Additionally, it now only takes three stories to remain a closed Challenge and avoid the Nuzgûl Hutch.

As a result, a number of old Nuzgûl have become closed Challenges, almost entirely due to new members taking them on and writing stories.

Authors, here's a little something you may not know - Challenges get thousands of page views every month.  If you would like to increase your readership, Challenges are a great and fun way to do it! If you entered a challenge a while ago, be sure to look at your Challenge entries (please log in for that link to work) and see if you can finish up a tale or two.  Enter a challenge or adopt a Nuzgûl today! See if you can wheedle a few friends into completing their stories, too. If you don't see a challenge you want to enter, suggest one here.

It's an win for everyone.

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