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Undeliverable Emails

Release Date: 14 Jun 10
Category: Members

HASA is seeing an increase in undeliverable emails. Please check your email address.

In the last two months, there has been a small but definite increase in the number of emails getting bounced back to the HASA mail server as undeliverable.

The most common bounce-backs are:

  1. Comments on a story. A reader will post a comment about a story to HASA. When this happens, HASA automatically emails a copy of the comment to the author to let her know someone has commented. A growing number of these emails are bounced back.
  2. Posts to a forum. A reader posts a response to a forum. HASA automatically emails a copy of the post to all readers who have subscribed to emails for that forum. A number of these emails bounce back.
  3. New member registrations. About 1 in 15 new registrations gets bounced back to HASA because of an invalid email address. This means the new registrant isn't getting her login information.
  4. Contact form. If you send something via the contact form, HASA automatically emails you a copy of your message. If your email was typed incorrectly, it will bounce back. It also means that HASA cannot reply to your inquiry as your email is invalid.
  5. Password retrieval. If the email address you have in the HASA system is incorrect, you can't send yourself your password, nor can a HASA admin use the "Send Password" button to send it to you.

Why do emails get bounced back?

  • If you use an email system that has strong spam controls, HASA emails may be classified as spam and be bounced back before you ever see them.
  • You may have typed your email address incorrectly.
  • Your HASA account may be set to an email you no longer use.
  • You may have deliberately entered a false email address thinking to avoid spam (or contact) from HASA. We don't spam and if we can't contact you, you can't use the site.

The most frustrating situation is where there is a new registrant who never gets her initial user name and password due to bounce-back, and who we can't contact because the only email we have is the one that bounces back. I have five of them sitting in the "New Registration" mailbox right now, and there's nothing I can do to help as I can't send anything to anyone.

If you are a new registrant and haven't received your password, please check your junk mail box . It may have been sent to spam. If you are a current HASA member, please take a moment to go to your member profile in the My Stuff section and confirm that your email is valid.


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