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Release Date: 10 Sep 06
Category: Helpful Hints

The site navigation has been enhanced to help you get where you are going. Click for screen shots on the new navigation buttons and menus.

When a site changes, it can be disconcerting to try to find where things have moved to. Most of the time, they are actually in the same place, but the navigation buttons and menus will have changed. Sometimes it isn't clear how to get to new pages. Other times, you wonder where older pages have gone to.

For the last few weeks, we've been studying heat maps of where people are clicking on the home page and the main story page in an effort to understand what HASA visitors want.

What's a heat map? It is an image of a page with an overlay, usually in grey, that holds bright spots where people click most often. It's a fast way to understand how people get from here to there.

In light of the heat map, there are some changes to the navigation.

Please read the following "Helpful Hints" carefully!

Top Level Navigation

The biggest change is to the top buttons. It appears that most users did not understand these were buttons. Also, many users said they didn't know how to find the My Stuff main page after they logged in - they apparently did not know that clicking on the Sections button would get them a menu of all site sections. So, the main navigation bar was beefed up:

  • A My Stuff button with a treasure chest icon was added to draw attention to it.
  • All buttons were centered on the page.
  • The edges of the buttons were adjusted to make them look like Front Page clip art.
  • The buttons spaces were made wider and deeper to take up more room on the page.
  • The buttons flash a bright green border when you mouse over them.

Comparison of the two button navigation strips

Please click these buttons. Especially, click the Sections button to read the menu choices!

My Stuff Menu

When you click on the My Stuff button, you will see a different menu depending on whether you are logged in or not, and if you are a Readers Club members or part of the Writing Workshop.

  • Not logged in – You can see a link to the My Stuff Home Page, a link for retrieving your password, and a link to join HASA if you aren't a member.
  • Logged in, Readers Club – You now get the main links for your library and profile information. Click on the My Stuff Home link to go to that section and see the full menu choices.
  • Logged in, Writers Workshop – You get all of the Readers Club menu, plus an additional chunk to take you to your stories and various Writers Workshop toys and tools.

Comparison of My Stuff menus, logged in and not logged in

When in doubt, click to My Stuff Home and read the left-hand menu on the main page.

If you are an author (a member of the Writers Workshop), click the My Stories menu and do the same thing checking the My Stuff Home menu first. Some links previously on the My Stories area are now located in My Stuff, such as comments, so please check both locations before sending in emails asking where stuff has gone.

Sections Menu

Just as with My Stuff, when you click on the Sections menu, the menu changes depending on whether you are logged in and what your membership status is.

  • Not logged in – Basic menu of links to stories, challenges, and news.
  • Logged in, Readers Club – The same menu, but clicking on My Stuff – Readers Club with show you the full page.
  • Logged in, Writers Workshop – All of the links you used to get after going into the old Members area, in the same order as they always were. Please, look at the Sections menu carefully. Chances are that what you want is right there.

Comparison of Sections menus, logged in and not logged in

Stories Left-hand Menu

Something new is that General and Beta status stories are now available in the public story pages - if you are logged in.

Readers Club members can see all Reviewed and General Status stories, while members of the Writers Workshop can see Beta stories, too. Everyone, members and visitors, can read the Reviewed stories that show up on the main Stories page.

When you are logged in, you can see links to General and Beta stories just above the My Library submenu. General and Beta works show up:

  • General Stories
  • Beta Stories
  • Stories by Author
  • Stories by Title
  • Story Sort
  • Keyword Search
  • Recommended

Comparison of Stories left-hand menus, logged in and not logged in

The only place they do not show up is the main Stories page, which is reserved for Reviewed stories.

Help! The menus don't work!

While every attempt is made to make the code work under all browser and computer combinations, it is not always possible. Older browsers simply don't have the capabilities of newer ones, and the very newest browsers are sometimes not backwards compatible with older code. We know that old Mac browsers and the very newest version of Opera (9.x) have problems with the menus.

If you cannot get the menus to pop up, you'll need to use text links. There are quick links in the left-hand menu on the home page, standard text links to the home pages of the major areas at the foot of every page, plus the site map, which has links to most sub pages.

Once you are inside of a major section (My Stuff, Stories, Challenges, etc.) use the left-hand menus and links in the page to move around.

We're working on revising the main menu pop-up code so it works under Opera, but it may take a few weeks as it has to remain compatible with all of the other browsers, too.

Click and Look

Just about everything you are used to getting on HASA is available through either the My Stuff or the Sections menus.

Click, look, and explore!

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