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Birthday Challenges Consolidated

Release Date: 07 Aug 10
Category: Challenges

All of the 2010 Monthly Birthday Challenges have been consolidated into a single, year-long challenge.

This is just a quick update on some changes to HASA's Birthday Challenges.

In the past, a new Challenge would be created each month to hold stories written for people who were having birthdays that month. This has resulted in some empty challenges when stories only appeared in the birthday forum and never got converted into actual HASA stories, or challenges that only had one entry.

There is now a single yearly birthday challenge. The 2010 Birthday Challenge is located here. All of the entries from the previous 2010 challenges have already been moved over, including placeholders.

  • If you have written a birthday story for someone, be sure to create it as a HASA story, then enter the story in the challenge.
  • If you have received a birthday story from someone, such as in a forum post, create a HASA story and copy/paste your story presents into it, one chapter for each story.
  • If you're not sure how to enter a story in a challenge, just read over the Challenge FAQs

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