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Release Date: 14 Oct 06
Category: Site Updates

Eight new pods have been added to the My Stuff customization lists for Writers Workshop members to easily access their Forums.

Eight new custom pods have been added to the My Stuff customization drop down lists, five more for the main section and three for the narrow right-hand side bar.

These pods all do lookups on the HASA Forums, which are currently limited to Writers Workshop status members. If you are a Readers Club member, you will not see these choices (Sorry!) as we don't yet have Forum accounts for that level of membership. That is slated in a future site expansion.

Forum pods were chosen for the first round of new pods because they had become a bit lost down in the old tangle of member pages. Posting levels were going down because it was hard to see them. The forums themselves will eventually be extricated from their old location and made easier to jump into, but, for now, here are bubbled up links.

There are three kind of pods showing views of the forums. Currently, the lists are limited to forums that are intended to be read by everyone, and we're working on showing protected forums to the right readers. Experiment with a few of them and see which provides the right level of information for you:

  1. All Recent Updates - There are three pods displaying lists of the most recent updates to forums that are intended for the entire membership to view. You can look at the information three ways:
    • Wide summary list - the name of the discussion thread, the date, the name of the forum and a few other bits of info.
    • Wide full message text - The complete post, right there on the screen. No need to click further to read. NOTE: This can be *very* slow to load if you have many long forum posts.
    • Mini sidebar list - Just the facts, ma'am. The subject title, the date and time, and a link.
  2. Your Forums - These are forums you own and operate. This lets you focus on posts to you. Like the recent updates, you have your choice of summary links, full text or mini links.
  3. Your Subscriptions - These are forums that belong to someone else that you have subscribed to. Keep track of the discussions that matter to you. In this set, we do not have a full text version, due to query parsing and resource use.

So, check out the new forum pods and see which one (or combination) is best for you. If you notice an error, or have a suggestion for another pod, just drop a note to Tech Support.

Happy Reading!

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