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UPDATED - Make or Break Time for HASA

Release Date: 15 Oct 06
Category: General Announcement

In the life of any community, there comes a time when its participants have to decide what they will do to keep it going; make a commitment. That time for HASA is now.

Update: We have had over $130 in donations in the last week. To everyone who has donated, THANK YOU! We have also had several members step forward to volunteer their time to support the site. THANK YOU as well! Every kind of donation helps!

HASA is just over four years old. Like any new enterprise, it took some special effort and dedication to get it off the ground. Now is the time for it to stand on its own feet.

HASA has two pressing needs right now.

  1. Site Funds: For the last twenty months, Anglachel has subsidized the dedicated server HASA needs to provide the features and fun visitors love - stories, comments, forums, alerts, challenges and more. Site visitors and members have previously donated 1/3 of hosting costs, $50 per month, while Ang supplied the remaining $100. She has let the Site Managers know that she will not be able to contribute more funds after October.

    What does this mean? HASA now needs donations to cover the entire amount, $150, starting with the November bill. You can see the donation balance on the home page of the site at any time. The current balance is just a little over $44. We need to have $150 available by the last day of the month to cover the bill for the coming month, which is due on the 5th.

    Donations are easy! You can use PayPal or the Amazon honor system. If you would prefer to send cash or check, which helps to avoid service fees, please contact the Site Managers. Fifteen donations of $10 every month will do the trick. OR - how about adopt a month? Think of a month that is LOTR specific and special to you - mine is March for when Boromir dies. Consider donating $10 that month! Or $10 as a mathom for your birthday month? Lots of possibilities for the creative geniuses at HASA.

    While we don't want to be alarmist, we have to emphasize: If we cannot pay our hosting bills, the site will close.

  2. Site Volunteers: There are things money can't buy, and the #1 thing is volunteered time. We've been blessed with the best of the best, IMHO. Most of the volunteers at HASA have been with us for a very long time - dedicated, wonderful people. We need to give them some respite. We also have some positions that have been open for a long time - causing the volunteers we do have to do 'double duty.' Please consider volunteering. You do NOT need to be proficient with computers to help!

    There are many small things that need to be done. We need a Welcome Manager who will keep an eye on new and returning members. Our Challenges always need people to think up and promote Nuzgûl. Tech Support needs someone to help document the new features and write up simple, user-friendly instructions. Our Herald, Juno, would love to recruit a few cub reporters who will send in a few lines each week on what's new and hot in the fandom. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes, so offer a helping hand to the site.

Farewell to One Volunteer, Hello to Two New Ones!

Speaking of volunteers - Elanor of Aquitania, famed Site Manager and mentor for this Site Manager, has asked to step down. She'd like to join the world of just reading and writing here at HASA. Elanor has been a HASA member since February of 2004. She has written nine articles/stories for HASA besides her other accomplishments. English is her second language, but she has put this author to shame by her knowledge of English; she has always been ready and willing to help a struggling author. She will be missed as Site Manager, but I'm sure she could be persuaded to offer help to someone struggling with anything related to Tolkien's world. If you have a moment, send her an email thanking her for her wonderful work for HASA.

Another such email recipient might be Linaewen. Please welcome Linaewen as our newest Site Manager. Lin joined in January of 2005 and has put a number of stories up for review, along with having beta and general stories submitted. We are looking forward to having Linaewen on our Site Managers' team.

Calanthe has been a HASA member since August of 2004. Having written two archived stories, she knows the needs of authors. She has recently volunteered to be challenges assistant for the "Quickie" and "New Member" Challenges. She is another prospective recipient for thank you emails.

Emailing From HASA

HASA has some easy ways to send emails from the site. This can be very useful if you are away from your regular email, or just want to dash off a quick note while you are on the site. As a rule, we do not display anyone's email on the site. This protects your privacy and makes it hard for spambots to collect your address or inundate you with unwanted ads. How can you email?

  1. Email the site - Look up to the right, just below the dark green navigation bar. See the words "Contact" That takes you to a contact form where you can send a note to the volunteers.

  2. Email an Author or send a URL - From any story on HASA, you can click a link to send an email note to an author. You do not have to be logged in or even a member to do this. Authors, all email sent this way are stored in the HASA database so you always have them. Just go to My Stuff - Author, look in the "Stories" sub-menu in the left hand column, and click "Reader Emails". If you would like to send the URL of a story to someone, there is a form for that too. These forms get hit with several hundred spam attacks per day which we filter out and prevent from being sent on.

  3. Email another member - This feature is available to Writers Workshop level members only. Click the "Sections" button, click on "Member List" in the drop down menu, then click "Email a Member" in the left-hand navigation list. All members who have given permission to be emailed through the site can be selected from the recipient drop down list.

Drop someone a line and say something nice - you will make their day!

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