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New Welcome Assistant, Finding Stories

Release Date: 05 Nov 06
Category: General Announcement

HASA welcomes a new Welcome Assistant, and offers some tips on finding stories.

A Big Welcome to Peregrin Ionad (aka Pip)!

Peregrin Ionad has graciously volunteered to be Assistant Welcome Manager. She is here to help our new members. Do you need to know more about the inner workings of posting stories? A jump start on how to begin a forum? Pip can do the job!

If you would like to post a story and are having any difficulty with it, or if you'd like to start your own forum, just click the Contact link in the upper right hand corner of the page, right between the Home and Password links. Member Services is the second choice on the drop-down list of the contact form. Send a note as to what you're trying to do, or what problem you've encountered; Pip will reply as soon as she can.

So - new members, expect an email shortly from Peregrin with some hints and help in these two areas. The more you use HASA - the more enjoyment you will have!

If you or a friend would like to help HASA by volunteering, you would be most welcome. If you have a little time or a lot, we'll have something for you to do. Contact the Site Manager, and we'll try to find a category and size that will fit your desires. What can we use right now? We need someone to help Juno with HASA News, we need some eager Challenge Assistants, there is always room for more researchers to help us build up the Research Library (slated for public release), and we can always use a few cheerful members to be welcome assistants and help new members find their way around.

Finding Stories

Speaking of finding your way around, there are a lot of stories on HASA. There are currently 1600+ reviewed stories, 1730 general stories and just over 700 beta works. And that's just the last time we counted. More are added every day. How can you dig into the catalog?

There are five ways to dig into stories on the home page alone. Let's take a look:

  1. Just Say "Go" - Possibly the most popular feature on HASA, the story "Go" bar is a fast way to get to what you want. Looking for an author? Looking for a particular era, genre or character? Set your choices and click "Go." If you just want to see the most recent updates, don't pick any filters and hit "Go" on its own.
  2. Leave a Comment - A quick way to know what's hot or to find a story you've never heard about is to read over the five latest comments. Click the story chapter to see the story overview. Click the chapter link to see all comments for that chapter.
  3. The Latest Editions - Right below the comments are the five most recent stories to pass review. Be sure to click on these beauties. I have it on good report that a new set of them is almost ready for release - keep your eye peeled!
  4. What's Old is New Again - In the right-hand column, we have the Featured Story. A randomizer script runs every day, creating a random list of all the Reviewed stories in the archive. It shows them one by one on the home page, one every fifteen minutes. You never know what you are going to find there. More than a few readers have emailed in to say they discovered a new favorite story or author from what appeared there.
  5. We Dare You! - Immediately under the Feature Story is the lastest Challenge. These are sets of stories written in response to a Challenge. When a challenge closes and no longer accepts entries, the Challenge volunteers release the challenge to the public.

So, those are your story choices just from the home page! There are more story finding goodies in the Stories section, and many ways for you to bookmark, store and sort your favorites in My Stuff.

Hot Tip - Log In

If you are a HASA member, be sure to log in when you hit the home page. This ensures that you see all stories and have access to your features.

Tech News - Spam Guard Sensitivity Adjusted

Spam is a way of life on the web, sad to tell, and HASA is no exception. We do our best to protect members from getting innundated with spam. Unfortunately, we may have been doing a little *too* good a job, and accidently blocked legitimate messages.

If you used the public contact form since October 1 and have not received a reply, please try again. A number of emails were filtered out and sent to the spam bin by mistake. We've adjusted the spam filter sensitivity and it is no longer blocking legitimate emails. 

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