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Release Date: 04 Dec 06
Category: General Announcement

'Tis the season of gifts ...

... therefore a quick question: have you lately thought about the incredible gift that HASA is giving to us every day, readers, writers and visitors alike? With its many awesome stories, its wonderful writing tools and friendly community?

And maybe, when you are thinking of these many gifts that HASA is giving to all of us, (readers, writers and visitors alike), maybe you are wondering about a way to give a gift to HASA as a thank-you?

If so, we would like to suggest two ways how you could make a gift to HASA.


HASA has enough funds to pay the hosting fees for December, but you know how quickly the days go by and the new year arrives, and with it, new bills.

HASA is incredibly lucky: our site, our community has a secret admirer, a mysterious benefactor! With incredible generosity this person has promised to match every dollar given to HASA by other donors, up to $100 per month, starting next January.

What does that mean? Your donation, up to the first $100 in a given month, gets doubled. If you have $10 to give, it's actually $20. Do you have $25? That's $50 for HASA - one third of the month's hosting fee.

For every single gift you give to HASA, the site will receive two! Think about it. If being a member of HASA, if being a reader at HASA, if visiting HASA has ever been a gift to you, then give a gift to HASA as well.


Even more important than money is time. HASA - a big site of over 500 members - is managed entirely by volunteers, by people who make a gift of their free time, their energy and enthusiasm to HASA on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Do you consider your time at HASA a gift? Then give a gift back to the community of HASA. Give us a little bit of your time and energy. Become a volunteer. No matter if you take over the management of a Site Workshop, if you are willing to help out as a News Volunteer (yes, I am looking for an assistant!) or a Challenges Assistant - your help would be invaluable to the site and to the community.

Please think about. It doesn't cost you anything. Just a bit of time. A little effort.

Think about it. Become a volunteer at HASA today and tell the Site Managers, which section of HASA you are most interested in.

Have a great time at HASA in December, as a reader, as a writer, as a member and as a volunteer!

HASA admin team

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