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Release Date: 23 Dec 06
Category: Reviews

A short note addressing some concerns over changes to reviews.

This is a short post to address some incorrect rumors going around concerning HASA reviews.

  • No, reviews are not going away.
  • No, past reviews are not being deleted or removed.
  • Yes, there will be a change to reviews, to take place on or after January 1, 2007. The date is not certain becuse of RL obligations.
  • Most of the changes to reviews are actually administrative changes due to the age of the review processing forms.
  • Another change is in the emails and the instructions now that reviews are no longer the sole way to have your stories seen on the site. For example, reviewers will say "Yes" instead of "Approved" and "No" instead of "Declined".
  • Functionally, the only change is to text comments, which continue to remain optional. There are no changes to capsule comments, the 30 day membership rule, the 7 day check-out rule, the ability to email reviewers after a review is completed, or reviewer self-selection of stories.
  • Yes, I *do* hear about most of the questions and complaints about the reviews and the General stories going public. I'm simply overwhelmed with a very sick family member right now and don't have time to reply except for this note.

I'm asking people of good will to take any rumors you hear with a grain of salt and a cup of eggnog, and please grant a few days to get RL situations under control.

Wishing everyone a much better Christmas than I'm having,


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