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January 2007 Challenge Bulletin

Release Date: 01 Jan 07
Category: Challenges

Updated! A new challenge just added. Are you looking for a Challenge? You're in the right place!

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Post your request at the Birthday Cards Forum

Here are a few requests that have come in already:

  • Jan. 3rd: Imhirel has requested a scene with Celeborn and either Aragorn or Luthien.
  • Jan. 7th: Jay of Lasgalen desires Elladan and Elrohir, either together, alone or with someone else.

Also, don't forget to create a story for the birthday card workshop. This serves the same purpose as the old HAWriters story and lets others put drabbles they write in an easily accessible location. Enter this story in the challenge for January birthday drabbles, so we have all of these in one place. (There are instructions on how to do all this at the top of each thread in the Birthday Cards Forum; if you need help just ask the Workshop Manager, Gwynnyd.) Any questions, contact Gandalfs Apprentice at:


If you aren't at your usual computer, you can send GA an email through HASA, too.

New Challenges

Just in!

  • When Brothers Are Not So Close
    We all know that Boromir and Faramir were best friends as well as brothers, right? Or do we? What about Elladan and Elrohir? Merry and Pippin? The popular version of these pairs is that they were buddies, pals, comrades, anything and everything as long as they were close to each other. But in canon, very little is said about the personal lives of these people.

    What if they were not so close? What if Boromir and Faramir couldn't talk without starting an argument? What if Merry was always giving Pippin unwanted advice? What if Elladan and Elrohir despised the fact that they were twins and were expected to be close? Read more here...

Do you have an idea for a challenge? Post your idea in the Prospective Challenges Forum. Promote your challenge. When five people accept a prospective challenge, it becomes a full blown challenge complete with a deadline.

Open Challenges

Here are our outstanding challenges. Click the

  • LACE Challenge
    Closes 03 March 07: LACE (Laws and coustoms of the Eldar) is greatly debated amoung the Elf-writers on the list. Is it cannon? Is it all true? Is it a lie told by a Man as a lesson to other Men? Is it a joke told by a Noldor to confuse Men and Moriquendi?
  • The Mouth of Sauron
    Closes 25 March 07: Just who is the Mouth of Sauron? What does he act like, look like? How does the Ring War affect him? Over at her Live Journal Adraefan suggested the fascinating idea that it was Earnur, captured by Sauron and kept undead somehow. But that's not the only possibility. He could be Haradri, one of the men from Nurn, anything.
  • Realizations
    Closes 30 April 07: I'll post a character to start us out. Say, Gimli. Then the first person interested in joining this challenge will come up with a story idea in which someone, anyone, learns something about Gimli. Let's say that person wants to write a story where Legolas learns that Gimli fought in the Battle of the Five Armies. That person will post saying they want to write a story where Legolas learns something about Gimli. Nothing more specific than that, giving away the story would spoil some of the fun.
  • Marital Spats
    Closes 30 April 07: Marital spats always happen, even in the "perfect" couple, so what about Faramir & Eowyn? Arwen & Aragorn? Rosie & Samwise? Galadriel & Celeborn? Or any other Middle-Earth couple, for that matter?
  • A Tale Within a Tale
    Closes 30 April 07: It's a common literary device to have a tale told within your main story. Tolkien himself has many examples of this in LotR, the most compelling being perhaps the tale of Luthien at Weathertop.
  • Mortality
    Closes 21 June 07: Lúthien, Elros and Arwen all decided to become mortal. In what way would their life be changed?

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