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Podmania on HASA!

Release Date: 17 Jan 07
Category: Site Updates

Not one, not two, but FOUR new pods, just for Challenges lovers!

Podmania is on the loose at HASA!

Is it the evil whispers of the Challenges team? Is it something in the water? Is it the cold weather keeping Anglachel indoors and bored?

It doesn't matter - there are four new pods available tonight on HASA to customize your My Stuff home page. What are they?

  • Open Challenges - main column: View the current open challenges, with links to the challenge, the closing date and a running list of entries.
  • Open Challenges - right-hand column: A compact list of the challenge names and closing dates.
  • My Open Challenge Entries - main column: Your story or placeholder and the Challenge.
  • Challenge Entries - right-hand column: A compact list og your open challenge entries.

The main column pods contain tables, which can be a little funky in their layout, so be sure to experiment with the number of entries shown, the order on the page, etc., to find the best fit.

These pods are available to authors. To add a pod:

  1. Login and go to your My Stuff home page
  2. Click on the "Customize Page" link in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Select "Main Column" or "Right-hand Column" from the Choose Column drop down.
  4. Choose the desired pod from the pod selection list and click "Add Pods"
  5. Set a new order on your pods.
  6. Return to the main My Stuff page.

So, Challenges mavens, no excuse for not keeping track of those upcoming closing dates! Just pick a pod and add it to your My Stuff home page!


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