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Change to Reviews Display

Release Date: 20 Jan 07
Category: Reviews

The main display page for Reviews has changed. Please read for more details.

In the rush to announce the new Review Pods, I neglected to talk about a change to the main display list for Reviews.

Previously, when you took a look at the main Reviews page, you would see a list of everything in the review process. If you were the author, you would see a statement that you were the author and could not review the story and there would be no link to the checkout form. If you had already reviewed a story, you would see a notice that you had already reviewed and the link would be missing.

From a programming and database point of view, this was an inefficient way to do things. I had to collect not just the list of stories in review, but every review attached to it, transmit them to the web page, and then do a series of loops and if/else if/else conditional statements based on the user's session tokens to write this or that statement to the screen. It made the page slow and increased the number of times a mistake could happen.

This became an even bigger problem when developing a pod, as the My Stuff page has many, many database calls going on in order to populate all of your pods. In tests, it noticeably slowed down the page.

I changed the query so the database itself pre-processes the data, and then the ColdFusion page asks only for those stories in review where the user is not the author and has not yet reviewed the story. This means less data is transferred and there is no looping going on in the page after it gets the data.

However, this also means that information authors and reviewers were used to seeing is no longer there.

  • Authors, please check your Story List to see if your story is set to Review status. If it is, it is in review.
  • Reviewers, after you review a story, it simply drops off your list.
  • Authors and Reviewers can check stories and reviews by clicking the My Stuff button and going to the "Reviews" link (last on the menu). The first page is your stories in review. Look in the left-hand menu area at the very bottom for the "I've Received" and "I've Done" links that let you move back and forth between reviews you've received and reviews you've done.

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