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Release Date: 23 Feb 07
Category: Resources

New today! The Research Library now has its own site home page feature, plus expanded features on the main Research Library page.

You may have noticed that HASA's home page has changed. Our large announcement for the Research Library has been taken down since the section is no longer so new. This brings the most recent comments back up to the top of the page.

What you may not have noticed is there is a new feature box in the right-hand column - "In the Research Library..." The Resources team will present a new home page feature every few weeks to raise awareness of the great information available to site users.

But that's not all! The Research Library itself has also been given a features area. Be sure to check out this month's focus on the Tooks.

  • The bio feature is for the entire Took clan
  • In events, learn more about Isumbras I becoming Thain of the Shire
  • If you're interested in Tooks, then you have to visit the Great Smials
  • Learn more about the Thains of the Shire and how the Tooks came to control the office.

Here's a Research Library tip - start with a single entry in the Library, then use the cross reference links at the right of the entry to find out something more you don't know. Keep clicking. It's a great way to spend a grey winter afternoon!

If you have suggestions for themes or topics you would like to see featured in the Research library, drop a note to the Resources Team and let them know what you'd like to see.

Happy Reading!

The HASA Resources team

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