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New! Featured Stories Pods

Release Date: 03 Mar 07
Category: Site Updates

Do you love the random featured story feature on the HASA home page? You can add one to your My Stuff main page today!

I have received a several requests from members to create a My Stuff pod that shows the "Featured Story" currently only available on the HASA home page. Ask no more! There are now three Featured Story pods to choose from:

  1. Reviewed and General - All members will find this pod in their pod selection drop down list . This one is identical to the home page feature and shows the same feature story at the same time.
  2. General and Beta - This pod is available to Writers Workshop status members. With this pod, you will see only General or Beta status works, which is a great way to focus on less known stories. Because this pulls from a different randomized list, the selections will be different than what you see on the home page.
  3. All Stories - This pod is available to Writing Workshop status members. In this pod, the selection is made from the full list of Reviewed, General and Beta status works. It is a distinct list and will show a different selection than either of the other two.

I added all three pods to my My Stuff main page just to see what would happen, and I now have three different featured stories: Never Speak Nor Sing, Tuckborough in the Spring, and Posing the Question.

These pods can only be added to the right-hand column. Look for them in the right-hand column drop-down list.

Give a new Featured Story pod a try today. Find out what great story gem it will uncover for you!


(If you don't know what pods are or have forgotten how to use them, read the January 21 How To: Customize Your My Stuff Home with Pods.)

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