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March 3019, Third Age

Release Date: 03 Mar 07
Category: Resources

For March, the Research Librarians have a special treat for readers - the events, people, places and things from the action packed days of March, 3019, Third Age.

Pay close attention to the Research Library features on the HASA home page and Research Library home page through March.

As all Lord of the Rings lovers know, March 3019 is the whirlwind time of the Ring War, when the now far-flung Fellowship performed their great deeds, battling enemies and convincing allies, sneaking through guarded passes and leading heroic charges.

Through March, look for Research Library entries on the HASA home page to highlight the events happening during those fateful days, as well as supporting entries on the people, places and things participating in those events.

Experience the passage of days just as the Fellowship did. The features will change every few days, sometimes every day, so be sure to check them often.

Happy Reading!
HASA Research Team

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