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New Level of HASA!

Release Date: 05 Aug 06
Category: Site Updates

Readers Club - New type of membership! *** New reading tools! *** Extra support!***New level of HASA!

Welcome to the Readers Club!

Just like Minas Tirith was built one level at a time, the Henneth Annûn Story Archive expands every year, with new tools, new features… and now a completely NEW level of the HASA experience!

The Readers Club is a new type of HASA membership that provides readers with new tools and extended support.


  • More stories!

    If you are a member of the Readers Club, you have access to all of the 1,633 stories in HASA's General Stories section - besides the reviewed stories and the published Challenges in the Public Archive. (Note - You must be logged in to see the General status stories.)
  • Post comments!

    As a member of the Readers Club you can not only read posted comments, but you can post your own comments to the author and for the public to read.
  • Fav lists!

    If you are a member of the Readers Club, you can create lists of your favorite authors and stories, and store them in a database – your own virtual library available from any computer on the internet.
  • Alerts!

    Don't miss any update of your favourite author or about the story you are currently reading: as a member of the Readers Club, you can sign up for alerts and notices from authors and about individual stories.
  • Recommend stories!

    Tell other readers what you enjoyed about a story: members of the Readers Club can recommend stories to other readers.
  • Create your very own HASA experience!

    As a member of the Readers Club you can customize your "My Stuff"-page at HASA, and create your virtual home in Middle-earth's fan fiction world just the way you want.

And as the levels of HASA continue to evolve, members of the Readers Club can look forward to more amazing features to be added in the future.

Are you ready to explore this new level of the HASA experience?

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