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Review Reply Emails Fixed

Release Date: 15 May 07
Category: Site Updates

A long-standing problem has been corrected.

Now that I am done writing my monster story, I finally have the time to fix some errors that have been reported on the site.

After a story has been through review, the author receives a report of the decisions cast - the over all decision (Approve/Decline), the specific distribution of decisions (how many of each), the capsulr comment (the most relevant reason for the decision), and option text comments with the reviewer's signature.

At that point, the author can click a link and send an email to all or any of the reviewers about their decisions. Most authors use the emails to send thank you notes to the reviewers, and hundreds are sent every month.

After the review system was revised in January 2007, the new capsule decisions were not getting inserted into the review replies.  This has now been fixed.


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