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The Henneth Annûn Story Archive (HASA) is a website operated for the enjoyment of its members. The purpose of the site is to provide a collaborative work environment in which site members can appreciate and create quality JRRT fanfiction. All participation on HASA is voluntary.

HASA is set up to be self-service. There is no explicit organization and no members' dues. Participants may come and go as it pleases them.

HASA attempts to provide its members with a site where they can read quality JRRT fanfiction, communicate with other members, post stories to be reviewed by fellow members for display to the general public, and engage in other activities centered around the creation and appreciation of JRRT fanfiction.

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Site Membership

You can be a site member if you are at least 13 years of age the day you apply and agree to abide by HASA Site Policies. If you register, but never log in, your membership record is deleted. If you log in once and do not return in more than one calendar year, your membership record is deleted.

HASA does not have writing tests, require membership in other lists, groups or organizations, restrict the type of writing you wish to do (with a very few exceptions in review submissions), or otherwise tell you what to think or say. Conversely, HASA makes no claims that what you think or say will meet with approval from other site members.

There are two levels of membership:

Readers Club
If your main interest is to read stories and post comments, this is the best membership level for you. You can upgrade at anytime.
Writers Workshop
If you want to post stories, post in forums, enter challenges, review stories, and/or act as an editor and beta reader, you will need to have this level of membership.

Deactivation: To keep information accurate about site use and member participation, the site automatically deactivates members who do not appear to be participating any more. Active site use is defined as logging in at least once within a 180 day (approximately 6 month) span of time. Deactivation simply means that your membership is flagged as inactive. None of your stories, forums or other data is touched. You may reactivate yourself at any time.

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HASA Volunteers

HASA volunteers keep the site running. Any member in good standing is eligible to become a volunteer. You can volunteer to do just about anything that benefits the membership. There is very little power or authority to a volunteer position, to be honest, and often a lot of work. However, there is also a lot of fun to be had working with other volunteers to make the site a cool place to be. Specific volunteer positions change as the needs of the site change. The positions that currently exist are:

Membership/Site News
These volunteers process new memberships, answer questions from members, and provide accurate and timely news about the site.
These volunteers run the Challenges section, posting challenges, encouraging participation, and answering questions about challenges.
These volunteers manage submissions to the review process, return stories that do not meet review submissions criteria, monitor the progress of stories through review, and notify authors about the result of a review.
These volunteers do behind-the-scenes work on stories, assisting Tech Support with correcting problems and generally keeping the story system running smoothly.
These volunteers are not so much involved in site operations as in providing research and information about the Ardaverse for other members. This is the largest volunteer group.
These volunteers help members with questions about using the forums and posting story comments.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send a note to the Welcome Manger.

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HASA Member Conduct

HASA provides a venue for members to post stories and communicate with each other. If someone persistently harasses or interferes with other members, that person will be removed from the site.

HASA does not take sides in member disputes. Period.

Conduct violations that HASA will address:

  • Using any HASA venue feature or tool to post something malicious, obscene, threatening, and/or derogatory to or about another person. Please note that this also covers doing so against people who are not HASA members.
  • Logging in using another person's account without that person's explicit approval.
  • Deleting or altering data that you did not create and for which you do not have the creator's explicit permission to modify. An exception to this will be made for a site volunteer to correct an error that prevents content from displaying correctly.
  • Posting work on HASA that uses story text by another fandom author without permission and attribution. The other author does not need to be a HASA member.
  • Falsely accusing someone of any of the above.

Conduct outside of these circumstances is beyond HASA's ability to address. If you think someone has done one of these things, notify the Site Manger at once.

In short, be polite and try to get along. If you make a nuisance of yourself, you'll be asked to leave.

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Review Submissions

For a number of years, HASA allowed stories to appear to the public only after going through the review process. As HASA's membership grew and its focus shifted, this was determined to be overly restrictive and a source of significant conflict between members. As of December 2006, HASA allows members to self-publish under the status of General. The Reviewed status remains reserved for stories that have successfully completed the review process. These stories are recognized as being exceptional or outstanding works of fanfiction in some way, and are marked with a blue star. Newly reviewed stories appear on HASA's home page.

HASA is dedicated to making the review process as fair as possible to authors and as simple as possible for reviewers. In this way, stories may be evaluated in a timely manner, and new stories posted to the home page on a regular basis. In order to maintain the system, the following policies apply to the HASA members involved in the process.

All stories submitted for review must meet the following criteria:

  • The story must be submitted by the author.
  • The chapters must match the story described in the story listing.
  • May not have left any identifying information in the summary or chapters (explained below).
  • May not be a List.
  • May not be a Mystery Science Theatre (MST) style work.
  • May not be a Real Person Story (RPS).

If the story does not meet these criteria, it will be returned to the author.

Identifying Information

While perfect anonymity is not possible, the expectation is that authors and reviewers will try to evaluate every story on its own, with no reference to who wrote it, what its previous review history may have been and so forth. Before submitting a story, the author will remove or revise the following:

  • Her own name or web site(s)
  • The name of any individual in acknowledgements or attributions
  • References to other stories
  • References to other reviews
  • References to awards won by the author or the story
  • References to activities and challenges on HASA

In short, anything that is going to hand the reviewer specific information about the story or the author.


Thanking other people
Incorrect - "I want to thank my beta reader Suzy Q"
Correct - "I want to thank my beta reader [omitted]"
Attribution for story ideas
Incorrect - "I have borrowed my rabbit character Beavis from Suzy Q with her permission"
Correct - "Some character(s) and/or story element(s) in this work have been borrowed with permission from other fandom author(s)"
Indicating the story is part of a series.
Incorrect - "Story 5 in the Very Big Legolas Series."

Correct - "Part of a series."

Indicating story was written for a challenge
Incorrect - "This story was written for the Drooling Over Legolas challenge"
Correct - "This story was originally written for a challenge."
Story has won awards
Incorrect - "Won "Best Story about Hedgerows" in the 2006 Big Time Awards"
Correct - [Remove entirely. Restore after it leaves review.]
Link to author's website/other stories
Incorrect - "To read more of my stories, visit my LJ site at..."
Correct - [Remove entirely. Restore after it leaves review.]

Stories with identifying information left in will be returned to the author for clean-up.

If a member has any doubts about the acceptability of a story, please contact the Review Administrators. We prefer to prevent mistakes before they happen.

Review Rules
  • No one but the author of a story may submit it for review.
  • A review decision is the majority opinion of nine people at a particular point in time. A story may be submitted for Reviewed status consideration as many times as an author wishes to do so. A "No" decision has no bearing on future reviews.
  • Authors may not make announcements using a HASA feature or tool to inform potential reviewers that they have submitted a story for review. This shall be considered soliciting votes for the story.
  • Unless a reviewer writes comments, reviews are anonymous.
  • As of January 2007, HASA no longer allows anonymous comments by reviewers. Comments submitted prior to that date will remain anonymous. This brings review comments into line with the general HASA site policy of not allowing anonymous statements about stories to appear on the site.
  • Reviewers are solely responsible for what they write in comments. Please remember that a comment can fail to be an out and out flame and still be a very foolish thing to write.
  • HASA expects review process participants to behave with courtesy and maturity. People who cannot handle this responsibility will be blocked from further participation. This applies to authors and reviewers alike.
  • HASA reserves the right to remove any comment or story from the review process without warning.

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