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  1. We do not collect user data without your knowledge and consent.
  2. We do not resell or redistribute any information you provide us.
  3. We do not collect sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers.
  4. We do not send email to you unless:
    • We need to speak to you about site business
    • You have opted into a notification list (updates, RSS, comments)
    • You are an author and someone has posted a comment to your story
  5. We use cookies for user session management. None of these cookies store any personal information about you, and may be deleted at any time. Deleting your session cookies while logged in will end your session.
  6. HASA uses the AddThis button to allow users to bookmark stories in locations other than HASA. AddThis puts cookies on your machine and uses them as they see fit. We have no control over what they do with your information, so use with discretion.

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