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Meaning: old Norse 'found one'

Race/Species: Dwarf

Dates: 2662 - 2799 III

Parents: Farin

Siblings: Gróin

Spouse: N/A

Children: Balin, Dwalin

So began the Battle of Azanulbizar (or Nanduhirion in the Elvish tongue), at the memory of which the Orcs still shudder and the Dwarves weep. The first assault of the vanguard led by Thráin was thrown back with loss, and Thráin was driven into a wood of great trees that then still grew not far from Kheled-zâram. There Frerin his son fell, and Fundin his kinsman, and many others...
-Durin's Folk, Appendix A, The Return of the King

Kitt of Lindon 2.5.05.

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