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Meaning: Finwë-Noble-Finwë (Quenya: Finwë Arafinwë)

Other Names: Ingalaurë (mother-name). Originally, Finarfin's name was Finrod

Location(s): Tirion upon Túna

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

Title(s): King of the Noldor of Valinor

Dates: Age of the Trees, 1230 - ?

Parents: Father: Finwë; Mother: Indis of the Vanyar

Siblings: Fëanor (half-brother), [Findis], Fingolfin, [Írien Lalwendë]

Spouse: Eärwen of Alqualondë

Children: Finrod, Orodreth (disputed), Angrod, Aegnor, Galadriel

Of the sons of Finwë, Finarfin 'was the fairest, and the most wise of heart' (The Silmarillion, QS, Ch. 5 - 'Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië').
"He was of his mother's kind in mind and body, having the golden hair of the Vanyar, their noble and gentle temper, and their love of the Valar. As well as he could he kept aloof from the strife and his brothers and their estrangement from the Valar, and he often sought peace among the Teleri, whose language he learned." (The Peoples of Middle-earth, HoMe 12, Last Writings, The Shibboleth of Fëanor)
It was Finarfin who tried to calm down the Noldor when Fëanor swore his Oath, and who turned back when Mandos spoke his curse, repenting of his rebellion and begging the pardon of the Valar.

Finch - 12.27.02; 01.09.03

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