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Much discussion on the yahoo group of Eldarion recently prompted me to come delurk and put forth this Nuzgûl that's been on my mind for weeks.

Eldarion pretty much has the weight of the past on his shoulders, being a descendent of all the great elvish lines and races of men (not to mention the Maiar in him), and this cannot be easy on his mind. It must be unsettling to see your great grandfather from one side of the family in the night sky while thinking of the generations upon generations of ancestors from the other side who are lost and forgotten in history.

I have my own idea of how this may affect his views on life, but I leave this open to anyone willing to pick this Nuzgûl up. How does the return of the Elvish blood affect his lifespan? How does a longer life affect his relationship with other mortal men? His relationship to the few Elves that still linger? His love life or his rule?

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Ëarmírë - Light Lingering
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Feb 04
Swordplay, Adunaic and dreams, over which Faramir makes a new friend. PG for just a little swearing.

Happy Birthday, Acacea and Lindorien!
Liregon - Burden
General Audience
Last Updated: 10 Dec 04
Eldarion reflects on his kingship so far and being as good as a king as his father was, and how the loss of two parents in such a short time have affected him. submitted for nuzgul's eldarion challenge.


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Evening Nightshade
Adoption Date: 06 Jan 04
Adoption Date: 07 Dec 06
Adoption Date: 02 Jan 04

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