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Description: In Unfinished Tales it is said:

It was [Grima's] policy to bring his chief opponents [Théodred and Éomer] into discredit with Théoden, and if possible to get rid of them. It proved impossible to set them at odds with one another: Théoden before his "sickness" had been much loved by all his kind and people, and the loyalty of Théodred and Éomer remained steadfast, even in his apparent dotage, Éomer also was not an ambitious man, and his love and respect for Théodred (thirteen years older than he) was only second to his love of his foster-father.

How did Grima try to set Théodred and Éomer against each other - and how did they resist? We've all played around in Boromir and Faramir's psyches and often explored the foster-brother relationship of Estel and the twins but what about these two? What built that love and respect? What weaknesses, irritations or insecurities would Grima play on?

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Chathol-linn - Lady Love an Outlaw
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 13 Jul 04
Grima's machinations send Eomer on a dubious journey to Erech-on-Morthond, where he awakens to love and the growing threat to the House of Theoden. An unconventional look at two lovers which I think stays true to the canon.

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Created: January 22, 2004

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Originator: Avon

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