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Frodo and Sam halted and sat silent in the soft shadows, until they saw a shimmer as the travellers came towards them. ...Elrond wore a mantle of grey and had a star upon his forehead, and a silver harp was in his hand..." (RotK, "The Grey Havens").

We've heard all about Elrond the Healer and Elrond the Loremaster; what of Elrond the Bard? What sort of songs do you hear the Master of Imladris singing -- lullabies for his children, love songs for Celebrían, laments for Elros or Gil-galad? Put some music in our dear Peredhel's mouth!

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Julie Poe - Fall of Lonely Hearts, The
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Last Updated: 10 Aug 04
The poetry and songs of Elrond Half-Elven, Written for the Elrond the Bard Nuzgul.

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Created: February 09, 2004

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Originator: Aerlinnel

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