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Middle-earth has quite a few siblings in it: Elros and Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir, Boromir and Faramir, Fëanor's seven sons, Thorin and Dís, Théoden and Théodwyn (and any of the other kids in that family), and the list goes on.

Older brothers almost always have advice they want to give, so your task is to write out what sort of advice an older brother might give to a younger sibling, as well as how that advice might be given. Suggestions:

Boromir's advice to Faramir on being a captain in the army
Maedhros's advice to Maglor on how to deal with their father
Théoden's advice to Théodwyn on being married

And anything else you can think of between whichever older brother and younger sibling you can imagine.

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Archeress - Follow Your Heart
General Audience
Last Updated: 31 Jul 12

The night before the Oathtaking, some advice is offered. When it is acted upon, tragedy results.

Written for the "Brotherly Advice" Challenge

nrink - Gift and a Promise, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Jun 04
This was inspired by the Oliphaunt "Brotherly Advice." Boromir gives Faramir some advice on duty, love and obedience to their father on the night before Faramir leaves for Ithilien for the first time. Some mild angst. Based partially on movieverse. A story by nrink nrink


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 23 Nov 04

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Created: February 14, 2004

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Entries: 3

Originator: HASA Challenges

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