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What happened to Maglor after we left him singing on the beach?

Assuming he lived, write a story in which Maglor appears later in time, some place in our history. He can witness a major historical event or perhaps meet or see a major historical figure.

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Ëarmírë - War Dust
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Nov 03
Maglor at the Trojan War finds beauty and terror intermingled in the being of Achilles, entwined with the memories of a brother.

In response to the Maglor-in-history plotbunny.
Imhiriel - Wind of Change
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Nov 14

In our not-so-distant past, in a time of change, a mysterious stranger witnesses an event which would alter the course of a nation.

From HASA's "Oliphaunt Pen" for closed challenges: Maglor in History.

MEFAwards 2007: 2nd Place – Genres: Crossover: General


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Maid of Ainur
Entry Date: 17 Mar 08
Entry Date: 16 Jul 04

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Created: February 14, 2004

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Originator: Finch

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