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Boys and girls, moms and dads, all ye come and gather round! The time is come to fetch your feathery quills and small scraps of parchment to set down the fairy-tales and nursery rhymes of Middle Earth!

In the tradition of Mother Goose and/or the Brothers Grim, write us a story, poem, or nursery rhyme that incorporates the peoples, places and mystical things of Middle Earth. Tell the tale of Shelob and Samwise in the form of a poem! Or if that doesn't strike your fancy, how about a character that no one yet knows? What about a naughty little boy of Rohan who teases the horses and puts ink in people's tea? Or a Hobbit cobbler with an enduring love of liquorish?

The tale or poem may be one of morality, academic instruction (like an ABC'ssong), or just a plain bit of fun.

Since this is a challenge of fairy-tale and wonder, there ought to be no restrictions on subject matter. Please, though, stay in Middle Earth! This should not be difficult; it's rather large! The limit on length should be between 10-15 pages. Anything that could be used as a one-shot bedtime story or poem is fine.

Well, good luck!

Goodnight, goodnight!
Let not bed-bugs bite!
Now Mother and Father
shall tuck you in tight!

What was that rumble?
Don't worry your head!
Tis but a Nuzgul--
hiding under your bed!

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Elithien - Beauty and the Beast
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Sep 03
Originally for the Middle-Earth Mother Goose Challenge, but the story came late and the challenge has closed. For all the kiddies, the story of Aredhel and Eöl to the fairytale of Beauty and the Beast.

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Created: February 14, 2004

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Originator: Lasbelindi

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