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"I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust."

The Waste Land (inevitably).

Finch posted Tolkien's writings on houseless Elvish fear in the HoMe 10:

"It would seem that in these after days more and more of the Elves... who linger in Middle-earth now refuse the summons of Mandos, and wander houseless in the world, unwilling to leave it and unable to inhabit it, haunting trees or springs or hidden places that once they knew. Not all of these are kindly or unstained by the Shadow...

Some say the Houseless desire bodies, though they are not willing to seek them lawfully by submission to the judgement of Mandos. The wicked among them will take bodies, if they can, unlawfully. The peril of communicating with them is, therefore, not only the peril of being deluded by fantasies or lies: there is peril also of destruction. For one of the hungry Houseless... may seek to eject the fea from its body... or may plead for shelter, and if it is admitted, then it will seek to enslave its host."

Possession, haunting, poltergeists, zombies... Those with unfinished business, those with something left to do, those who bear a grudge or seek forgiveness - or retribution... First Age or Fourth Age, or through the Ages...

Show me their fear!

You are challenged to write Middle-earth ghost stories. Extra points for combining folklore with the legendarium. Extra points for writing something long and posting it at Hallowe'en.

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pitya - Blind
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Last Updated: 27 Jun 07
“…You are still here.”

Centuries after his brothers' deaths, Maglor finds himself in their company once more. Blind and confused, he does not understand their visit. Response to the Show Me Fear! challenge.

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