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We have a *lot* of artistically talented folks on HA/HASA, and this challenge is intended to take advantage of that talent. This is a two-step challenge, requiring:

1. Artists. Artists volunteer a picture(s) that they've drawn/created. This could be something already done, or it could be something new; preferably it'd be labeled as to characters in it, but not (quite) an illustration of a specific scene in any of the books. The idea is to draw something beyond what the books say happened. So maybe you do the last supper of Feanor and Co. in Valinor, just as an example (note: need not be da Vinci imitation).

2. Writers. Could be the same people as the artists, but hopefully there'd be some expansion here. You pick a picture and write a story based on what you think is going on in the picture. In the final version of the story, you would include a hyperlink to the site where the picture was stored.

The type of artwork is flexible (any medium, so on so forth). With regard to content:

1. Incidents implied in canon, but Tolkien did not expand on them, such as the death of Finduilas, the giving of the Rings of Power, etc.

2. Incidents that had to have happened and do not even need Tolkien to mention them, such as Feanor and his family having dinner.

3. Incidents that *could* have happened in canon, and there's nothing refuting the possibility, such as Bilbo meeting Gildor at Woody End on one of his walks.

This challenge has a sub-deadline:

For artists, you have three months, until July 4, 2003, to submit a work/works for this challenge. Please post them in a file marked "Challenges: Snapshot entries" which will be put up on the HA list site.

Writers: you have until the official end date of this challenge to enter a story. Please identify which picture your story is based on at the top of the page.

Finally, all pictures will eventually be transferred to a publicly accessible site. When this occurs, writers will provide the URL at the top of their story.

This is a fairly complicated challenge in terms of rules. Please post any and all questions in "Challenges: Story Discussions" or e-mail Klose or Dwimordene.

Have fun!

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acacea - Twilight
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Last Updated: 13 Jul 04
A little conversation at Osgiliath - a much delayed entry for the snapshot challenge based on Starlight's Brothers

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