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HASA Birthday Card Challenge 2004

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Members whose birthday it is challenge fellow members to write drabbles based on their requests.

Organized by month for the year 2004.

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HA Writers Group - HASA Birthday Cards 2004
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Last Updated: 20 Dec 04
For each month, members whose birthdays fall in that month will specify a prompt/theme/question/idea that they would like to see drabbled in the "HASA Birthday Cards Forum". Other members (anyone interested in any of the themes) will then try to write a drabble on those themes. Completed drabbles get uploaded here under the name of the member whose 'birthday card' it is. This story has all 2004 birthday drabbles.

Brought to you by your resident Challenge Managers, because you can never have too many fangy pets. Happy birthdays, my preciousesss...

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Open Date: February 18, 2004

Closed: December 31, 2004

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Entries: 2

Originator: Dwimordene

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