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Whatever the culture, every race in Middle-earth drank alcohol. Sam lamented missing "the best beer in the Eastfarthing," Beregond and Pippin received ale as part of their rations, Elrond gave Gandalf a bottle of miruvuor on leaving Rivendell, Thorin and his company of dwarves all asked Bilbo for ale, and on the march from Amôn Hen to Isengard the orcs gave Merry and Pippin a liquor.

And when people drink together, drinking songs are rarely far off. What sorts of drinking songs would the hobbits sing at the Green Dragon, and how would it differ from the songs sang under Erebôr or under Mirkwood's eves? Either write a drinking song characteristic of a certain culture, or write a story featuring a drinking song, including at least some of the lyrics.

Bottoms up!

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Arandil - Old Angband
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Sep 04
Say what you will about him, at the end of the day, Morgoth has been a busy little worker-bee. Doesn't the first Dark Lord deserve a drinking song as much as the next guy? Written for the "I'll Drink To That" challenge.
Lyllyn - To the Fellowship
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Feb 04
A drinking song for Gondorian soldiers. Marta's fault.
Marta - Marta's Drinking Songs
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 May 07
Various drinking songs, mainly from "The Best Brew in Buckland".
Marta - Best Brew in Buckland, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Jun 04
A sequel to "Wine is Fine." While Minas Tirith celebrated the marriage of Elessar and Arwen, Faramir joined Legolas, Merry, and Pippin for a private get-together. Much alcohol was consumed, and certain stewards of Gondor were embarrassed.

Now Eomer and Gimli have tired of the hobbits' gloating and wish to help Faramir revenge himself of the humiliation. The five visit a series of inns throughout Minas Tirith and have many adventures.
Tehta - Orc-Slaying Ditty, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Mar 04
*Sigh* This is my entry for the drinking song challenge. I blame Marta, who flattered me into promising to write one in a moment of weakness. Warning: Hideous orc gore. Hideous spider gore.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 16 Mar 04
Tenshi Androgynous
Entry Date: 21 Apr 04

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Open Date: February 26, 2004

Closed: May 25, 2004

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Entries: 8

Originator: Marta

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