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One of the most fascinating aspects of Lord of the Rings are the languages. From them spring the many beautiful names we all know and love i.e. Galadriel, Faramir, Finduilas, etc.

So, just how did our people come to have their names? Tolkien, on occasion, would explain how the characters came to have their respective names, but some were left a tantalizing mystery.

I challenge all here to choose a character who has not had their name explained and write a short story that gives their name a backstory.

One example includes: Elfwine, son of Éomer and Lothíriel. In the language of Rohan, his name means Elf-friend. So how did he come to have this name? Surely the Good Professor had an idea in mind.

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EdorasLass - Through the Shadows
General Audience
Last Updated: 06 Apr 08
A girl of the Rohirrim is taken by captive by Dunlendings. A tie-in with my stories "Eclipsed by the Moon" and "As the Tide by the Moon". All OCs; mention of Erkenbrand and young Eowyn, but only in passing.
Disturbing themes - please let me know if it's too disturbing, and I'll change it to adult.
Vana Tuivana - River Flow
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 Dec 05
A drabbled conversation between Oropher and his son: how Thranduil got his name. Written for the "What's In A Name?" challenge.


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Adoption Date: 11 Dec 06

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Created: March 28, 2004

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