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There are many stories about Denethor that show him as dysfunctional, and such stories have been known to work very very well. Nevertheless, there remains the question: need he have such a terrible relationship with Faramir? Need he be so horribly dysfunctional as he is usually portrayed?

Let's try to get some answers.

If you think Denethor can be read consistently as having a good father-son relationship with Faramir, as being on the whole a much less grim and driven man, where the tension between him and Faramir primarily exists at the moment of madness, then write the story that will demonstrate this view of him is truly plausible.

But wait! You do not get to escape with just revaluing that one confrontational scene. You've got to write Denethor to fit in the entire context of everything we know about him, from Appendices as well as from RoTK proper, UT, and HoME if you think those drafts can be made to harmonize with the rest. It is, after all, widely accepted that the theory that covers the most facts while integrating them in the most coherent manner is the best one, even if not the only one.

So. Members of the Society for a Kinder, Gentler Denethor: step up! The Society of Pessimistic Denethor Interpreters have had their say in many a fanfic. It's your turn now. Essays are also acceptable entries, btw.

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Jacks - In Dreams
General Audience
Last Updated: 29 Nov 04
The youngest son of the Steward lays near death, taken by fever. He is five years of age.
MerryK - Before the Pyre
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Mar 07
Denethor's thoughts as he watches Faramir in his fever. What leads him to make the decision to burn himself and his son?


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Adoption Date: 19 Apr 04

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