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"'Men of Gondor hear now the Steward of this Realm! Behold! one has come to claim the kingship again at last. Here is Aragorn son of Arathorn, chieftain of the Dúnedain of Arnor, Captain of the Host of the West, bearer of the Star of the North, wielder of the Sword Reforged, victorious in battle, whose hands bring healing, the Elfstone, Elessar of the line of Valandil, Isildur's son, Elendil's son of Númenor. Shall he be king and enter into the City and dwell there?'

And all the host and all the people cried yea with one voice."

"The Steward and the King", RotK

But did they? Was everyone in Gondor happy to see the King return? Denethor told Gandalf, 'I will not step down to be the dotard chamberlain of an upstart.... last of a ragged house long bereft of lordship and dignity.' Was he really the only Gondorian Lord to think that?

And what did the general population make of being ruled by a Ranger from the North in place of a steward's son born and bred in Minas Tirith? Especially when his bride turned out to be a half-Elf and he named his first son "child of the Elves"!

Did the inhabitants of Arnor also have their concerns? How did the Dunedain of the North feel about their Chieftain spending most of his time in the South? Were the inhabitants of Bree and of the Shire happy to find themselves part of a restored and re-united Kingdom?

The people in the lands on the borders of Arnor and Gondor must have also had their views. We know Aragorn and Éomer continued to fight together in many places, so what motivated the Easterlings or Southrons to resist? What about the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains: did they worry the restored Kingdom would levy tolls on the East-West road? Did the Men of the Vale of Anduin or who lived along the River Running welcome opportunities for increased trade or fear they would be squeezed out by this new superpower?

Then there's the future, after the passing of Aragorn. What kind of trouble did Eldarion inherit?

So write a story, set any time after Aragorn's coronation, about characters who are less than delighted by the return of the King. Tell us their reasons, what they do about them, and what happens to them.

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MerryK - The Call of Duty
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Feb 07
While Aragorn is celebrating in Cormallen, Faramir is struggling with the political and moral dilemma of the return of the king in Minas Tirith. *EPILOGUE ADDED*
Morwen Tindomerel - King Comes Home, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 07 Aug 04
Aragorn returns at last to the North Kingdom, in the Year Two of the Fourth Age, three years after the WR. Sequel to 'The King's Folk'.
Nerwen Calaelen - By Whose Right
General Audience
Last Updated: 06 Apr 04
My answer to the 'With One Voice' Challange. Aragorn has been crowned king, but elements within Gondor are dissatisfied. This is a stories of these elements and to those who they turned to for aid.
A story of politics of Gondor, Harad and beyond.
Werecat - Something Wicked This Way Comes
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 06
A former corsair captain who resents the king, a strange man who speaks in eerie rhymes and their meeting in Umbar during a night of the early years of the Fourth Age. Some disturbing subjects implied, but nothing graphic.

MEFAs 2005 - Honourable Mention, Horror
Mithrils 2005, SemiFinalist, Original Character


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 05 Apr 04
Entry Date: 09 Oct 04

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Open Date: April 05, 2004

Closed: May 01, 2005

Challenge Topic: Culture/Society/Politics

Entries: 6

Originator: Tanaqui

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