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The Doom of Finwe and Miriel makes an allowance for widows and widowers to remarry, but what about if the spouse refuses to die? In HoME, Maglor has a wife. She isn't a widow, but in canon Maglor never returns. Imagine she appeals to the Valar to be released from her marriage. Could they grant her a divorce? And what would an Elven divorce ritual be like?

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Maid of Ainur - Tears in Heaven
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Last Updated: 21 Mar 03
(empty) Rarely among the Eldar has someone appealed for divorce. The joining of marriage was of body and soul, and only with great wounds would two elves sever their bond. The story of Maglor's wife, who stayed behind in Aman. [Elven Divorce Nuzgul]


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