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Adult Fic Challenge. HASA disclaimer: This California website assumes no legal liability towards any individual, either with member or non-member status, who violates the laws of his or her state or country of residence by reading and/or writing fiction with adult and/or sexual content at the site.

Middle-earth is full of cultures, each with varying takes on brothels, courtesans, and the like. How acceptable were they? That probably varies from culture to culture. How would the brothel's place in society be different in Erebor, where men far outnumbered women, than in the Shire, where most hobbits were married. What about Orcs? Where raping and pillaging is the norm, is there still a place for the brothel (or *is* raping and pillaging the norm)? And how did the Ents deal with the long absence of the Entwives and the Dwarves with the fact that so many of them remained unmarried?

Remember, for added fun (like you need that with this subject!), there's no rule that says brothels must be heterosexual. Stories dealing with courtesans and other professional lovers which are not necessarily set in a brothel are also welcome. Maybe two characters' very different attitudes to professional lovers" have far-reaching consequences for the Ring War?

In short, any story related to a brothel, prostitute, or other type of professional lover is welcome. Stories need not be serious -- comedy, PWP, or anything else you can dream up is welcome.

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The Lauderdale - In the Prophet's Tent
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 25 Jun 11

An old Orc recalls an interlude, and an interesting woman, from his not-so-younger days. This is a slice of Mordor camp life in the time leading up to the War. Standard warnings for Orc-talk, four-letter words, some explicit sexuality, and other adult content.


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Entry Date: 04 Apr 07

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