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Where was Glorfindel?

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As we all know, in the movie version of the Fellowship of the Ring Arwen took the role of Glorfindel, rescuing Frodo and the others, riding Asfaloth, etc. Where, however, was Glorfindel in all this? The challenge is for anyone to write a story of any length, any genre, and of any setting, telling of where Glorfindel was during Arwen's ride and what exactly he was doing. You might, perhaps, even want to explain why Arwen has his horse and what he does without Asfaloth.

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Mage of the Winter - Very Bad Day, A
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Last Updated: 22 Feb 05
Ever wonder why Arwen was out running about the wild on Glorfindel's horse? I do believe I have the answer.


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Adoption Date: 02 Jun 04

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Created: April 26, 2004

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Originator: Ainu Laire

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