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Legolas during The Hobbit

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What was Legolas doing at the time that the Dwarves were captive in Thranduil’s dungeons? What would he have thought about that, and how might it play into his interactions with Gimli many years later? Did he go to the Battle of the Five Armies?

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Chathol-linn - Song-Fight at the Swan and Cygnet Saloon
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 29 Jun 04
Humorous narrative poem, just for fun. Watch out for indelicate language. (Ahem.) The story of how a couple of archers resolved a gambling argument, mellowed out some Orcs, and named a new tavern drink in the process.

1st Place, Humor: Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto 2003 Writing Awards

Semifinalist and Finalist - Mithril 2004 Awards
Mar'isu - Many Meetings
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 Feb 06
Legolas meets a number of people that he will get to know later.

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Created: May 06, 2004

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Entries: 2

Originator: Celandine Brandybuck

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