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Lord of Men, Lord of Elves

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For two characters coming from such radically different backgrounds, Faramir and Elrond actually have a lot in common:

* Elrond lost both of his parents when they sailed to Valinor, and his brother when Elros chose mortality. Faramir lost his mother at a young age, and his brother and father in the Ring War.

* Both are lore-masters.

* Both are acquainted with Mithrandir.

* Faramir leads a corps of rangers fighting orcs. Elrond's sons have been fighting with a corps of rangers against the orcs.

* Both had the wisdom to know the Ring must be destroyed.

So just what would they have talked about when they met after the Ring War? Elrond surely has some good advice for Faramir to help him move beyond the pain the War had caused him. What did Faramir have to offer Elrond (some sort of reconciliation with Pippin? wisdom concerning Arwen's choice?)

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Avon - Remembering Boromir
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Jul 04
Happy (belated) birthdays Flick and Nic! Flick asked for a drabble about someone remembering Boromir and Nic asked for a drabble about Faramir and Elrond. I sort of combined the two and added an extra 2,613 words or so ;-) 9th July 04 - a second draft posted as chapter 1. Mostly editing but some new material. The first draft has been left as chapter 2 for comparison purposes.
Melina - Kindred Spirits
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Jun 04
Inspired by the "Lord of Men, Lord of Elves" Nuzgûl. Faramir learns that returning from war is not easy, but he finds help from an unexpected quarter.


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Adoption Date: 22 Nov 04

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