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What if... Aragorn had not fallen in love with Arwen in his youth? Whom might he have married? Finduilas? He did probably meet her in Gondor at some point. Or would he have needed to marry a woman from Arnor for political reasons? This is potentially a fairly monster AU Nuzgul, so please, take it!

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AngelQueen - Tides
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Jan 12

"…On May 10, the wife of Elessar entered Minas Tirith to be crowned Queen of the Reunited Kingdoms. Her three daughters rode with her, all clad in royal blue with silver trees embroidered upon their cloaks, and smiles upon their fair faces. The people were cheered greatly to see not only the wife of their new King, but the mother of the new Steward Faramir. Long had she resided in her family home at Dol Amroth, but now, Finduilas, wife of Thorongil, now known as Aragorn Elessar, had returned to the White City."

Nienna - Turn Your Face to the Dawn
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 May 03
AU-- Arwen is at Rivendell when Gilraen arrives with her son. You couldn't fall in love with the person you've looked upon all your life as big sister, could you? Chapter 1, 1/2 fourth draft, 1/2 third draft, posted. Drama/Romance


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Adoption Date: 11 Jan 03

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