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Krzysztof Kieslowski made three films entitled "Blue," "White" and "Red," each focussing on a different theme - liberty, equality and fraternity - about different individuals and set in different places (the "Three Colours Trilogy").

Here's the link to the film review if you'd like to find out more:

Write a trilogy of stories, drabbles or poems based on three colours of your choice, each with a different theme, characters and setting. You don't have to keep to Kieslowski's original themes of liberty, equality and fraternity, but each colour must play a predominant role in your fic, whether as a theme or part of the setting. Your fics can be based on The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion or The Hobbit - or all if you feel ambitious enough to straddle the three.

Here are some examples of possible ways to deal with color for this challeng are:

* select three Middle-earth banners (e.g the white banner of the Stewards, the silver and black banner of Elendil, the green and white banner of the Rohirrim) and write about what those colours would have meant to the cultures that chose them

* choose three wizards of Middle-earth (e.g. Saruman the White, Gandalf the Grey and Radagast the Brown) and tell of how they came to make these colours their own

* there were three Elven Rings: Narya, Vilya and Nenya. Write a trilogy of fics using the colours of these rings as the main theme.

* pick three colours and write about a virtue associated with each colour

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Cold Like Fire - Blood of Your Enemies
General Audience
Last Updated: 31 Aug 04
Not all the deaths were swift when many of Rohan's villages were invaded by Uruk-hai. Some were postponed, and used for a different purpose. Written for the "Three Colours Trilogy" and "The Life and Times of the Orcs" challenges.
Dawn Felagund - Sons of the King
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Jul 05
In response to the "Three Colours Trilogy" challenge, the three sons of Finwë face their duties to their people and their families following their father's murder.
EdorasLass - Three Colours - Haiku
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Feb 05
Haiku for Three Colours challenge. Merry, Aragorn, Boromir, in that order. I love haiku, but I don't know if I'm any good at them. Oh well, nothing ventured....
Larner - Colors of Passing, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Dec 08
A look at the colors embraced by Frodo Baggins.
Marta - Pride and Despair
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Dec 04
"'Pride and despair! Didst thou think that the eyes of the White Tower were blind? Nay, I have seen more than thou knowest, Grey Fool. [...]All the East is moving. And even now the wind of thy hope cheats thee and wafts up Anduin a fleet with black sails. The West has failed. It is time for all to depart who would not be slaves.'" ["The Pyre of Denethor", The Return of the King]

So said Denethor shortly before he killed himself in the Battle for Minas Tirith. Even at the very end, he did not simply submit to Mordor but took the only other action he thought he could. Here is a look at his last moments, as Denethor thinks back on the memories and relationships that have defined him. A rather book-based look at a most enigmatic steward.

[While this story does not contain objectionable material, it does deal with mature themes relating to death and destruction that younger readers may find disconcerting. Please use discretion when deciding whether or not to read this piece.]
Noldo - White For Mourning
General Audience
Last Updated: 13 Aug 04
What of the women left behind in Harad, as their husbands went to war?
nrink - In the Forest Singing Sorrowless
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Sep 04
The meeting and betrothal of Denethor and Finduilas of Dol Amroth. Some slight departures from book canon and/or slightly AU. My first story for the "Three Colours Trilogy Challenge."
SheBit - Red, White and Gold
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Jun 05
Three drabbles - the first a haiku set - exploring red for anger and death, white for peace and purity and gold for love and hope.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 10 Jul 04
Entry Date: 28 Jan 05
Entry Date: 10 Jul 04

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Open Date: July 09, 2004

Closed: July 10, 2005

Challenge Topic: Object/Thing

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