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Inspired by God knows what hellspawn, here is my second ever contribution to Silm-fandom... and the one I'm likely to be hanged for if anyone takes me up on this. :-)

We've all seen the Predator!Haldir fics. I personally think Haldir doesn't deserve this, when there are other Elves out there with a much more demonstrated taste for dominance... and who are far more sensual and alluring than Movie!Haldir (IMO).

Like Feanor. Come on, can't you just see him appearing as "Janet" plucks the rose and sets this old Scottish ballad in motion? Fey, wild, darkly attractive, powerful, living under a curse.... And there's enough variation in balladry that it doesn't have to be a rapefic, either. If you're not familiar with Tam Lin, check this very informative page out:

Thirty odd variations on the theme. And you thought the Sil was complicated! :-)

You need not follow the Tam Lin plot exactly, though I think the set up at least can be "borrowed" nearly wholesale. But any fic involving Feanor, the willful (well... sometimes... see above for comments on variety) mortal who trespasses and incurs his... 'attention', and a resolution that requires her to rescue him is quite sufficient.

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Ithilwen - Of Leaves of Gold and Petals Red: A Faery Tale
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Mar 04
A Silmarillion-based adaptation of a classic Scottish folk ballad. Major characters include Feanor, Ungoliant, and an original female character.

Mithril Awards 2003 - Commended - Best Alternate Universe or Crossover


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Adoption Date: 20 Aug 12
Adoption Date: 14 Aug 14

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