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Arwen, Warrior Princess

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Arwen needs to do more to prove she's worthy of joining the ranks of Luthien and Idril/worthy of Aragorn. Does she join the fellowship in an AU? Does she convince Elladan and Elrohir and the Rangers to ride south and take her banner and much needed aid to Aragorn? Something else? You decide.

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Still Anonymous - Flight to the Ford: Asfaloth's Tale
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 May 04
Glorfindel stays in Rivendell, Asfaloth loses a valuable heirloom of Elrond's house, Arwen rides Asfaloth, Asfaloth insults Fingolfin, and the Ringbearer is rescued. Oh, yes! And they're chased by Ringwraiths. Movie-verse, but part is taken from the books.

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Created: August 11, 2004

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Originator: HASA Challenges

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