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She's the enemy of all ambitious and skilled writers. She's a plague at She's a bore. She's disgusting. So...

This is an anti-Mary-Sue nuzgul thingie.

How to write, not just an OC romance avoiding HER, but one that attacks her and beats her ... in the face, below the belt, by means of all weapons available, humour and irony, exaggeration and sarcasm, humiliation, darkness... a character who appears Mary Sue but either turns out to be everything-but or is given the treatment she deserves... and that ain't nice, nohow...

However, I don't think rants or essays or pseudo-essays fit this description. A story, honest and a good read, too.

Courtesy of Arwen Imladviel

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freedomfighter - How To Torture Mary Sues
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 18 Apr 07
Five ways to torture Mary Sues. Only read if you are Mary Sue haters.


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Andi Scribbles
Adoption Date: 15 Jun 06

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Created: August 11, 2004

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Originator: HASA Challenges

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