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I suppose this is going to require some extensive lateral thinking about what about a challenge of writting stories based on an Alternative Universe where Melkor never returned to Arda after he was thrown out of it by Tulkas. Some possible questions to address:

1. After Tulkas first threw Melkor out, Aule made two lamps to light, well almost all, of Arda. These were destroyed by Melkor when he returned, just before the waking of the elves. If he never returned they would, conceivably, still be standing. What would this mean other than the obvious of there never being two trees? Would Arda have a night since the lamps were suppose to light Arda in such away that it was on never changing day? How would the passage of time be marked? What changes would the Valar have to make to the functioning of the lamps before the elves and men awoke?

2. Would Feanor be Feanor? i.e. would Miriel still parish and Finwe re-marry.

3. Following from the first would any elf, forgetting for a minute Miriel, die? Since death for elves is an unnatural state that Melkor caused to happen. If so what would happen to them? Would they be re-embodied immediately?

4. Would men still be men? I.e. born innocent but grey and capable of being either good or evil.

5. Would the Valar remain in Middle Earth or remove to Aman at some stage?

6. Would the Valar take more of an hands on approach with men? Or is it that it was always the intention of Eru that men find there way through the ages on their own?

7. What would Melkor do if he came back after both men and elves had awakened?

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